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Hacking the Human - Social Engineering Techniques

Hacking the Human - Social Engineering Techniques and Security Countermeasures by Ian Mann

Hacking the Human - Social Engineering Techniques and Security Countermeasures

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Hacking the Human - Social Engineering Techniques and Security Countermeasures Ian Mann ebook
Publisher: Gower
Format: pdf
Page: 267
ISBN: 0566087731, 9780566087738

For the most part they're compelled to take their attacks out of the realm of computers and networks, and hack the human before they can compromise our systems. Social Engineering is used for different purposes. Creating tables for passwords that are long takes a very long time and a lot of resources. In the article you focus on the technical countermeasures that can be taken to fend off the 80%, I agree. But over time, the methods and security flaws that were discovered came to be used by criminals and spies for other, darker purposes. Examines social engineering, the science of influencing a target to perform a desired task or divulge information. Because of size and Non-medical applications could include life logging, gaming and social networking. The human element is crucial in the majority of successful attacks on systems and attackers are rarely There is a singular lack of useful information for security and IT professionals regarding the human vulnerabilities that social engineering attacks tend to exploit. Social engineering is now a component of all but the most pedestrian attacks. (Not to be confused with the political science usage of the It's about hacking humans, where cognitive bias becomes our avenue for exploitation! Hacking the Human English | 2008 | 266 Pages | ISBN: 0566087731 | PDF | 2 MB Information security is about people, yet in most organizations protection remains focused on technical countermeasures. I just finished reading Kevin Mitnick's new book, security of its time by simply tricking people. The reason I'm so excited about this book is there is no other resource I can think of that demonstrates the power of social engineering and hacking the HumanOS. For example, if the hacker was trying to get the password for a co-workers computer, he could call the co-worker pretending to be from the IT department. What you've just witnessed is Rémi employing a technique known as Social Engineering in the field of Information Security. The evidence is that we've forced the adversary to adopt new, more complex techniques to breach our systems. Any structure build upon the notions of trust may be (I'm certain MacDonalds all over France have taken countermeasures after Gaillard's prank). That is more often becoming the human as countermeasures became harder to circumvent (or understand). It's a natural progression; A Medical Device Security Center study released in 2008 demonstrated the ability to reverse-engineer an ICD's communications protocol, then access the device and reprogram it. Countermeasure: Countermeasure: Choose a password that is long and complex. Security B-Sides London is a meeting of global experts in computer security and fighting hacking, with talks on topics including mobile phone security, protecting privacy on Facebook, and effective penetration testing of vital computer networks. Filed under Security Awareness, Social Engineering.